2021/2022 Season programs

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All Programming is available for both Female and Male Athletes. 

Lava Mermaids Basketball Academy

We’ve heard the demand for our programming in Edmonton, so we might as well do it the best possible way. Located in the heart of Edmonton at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), we are offering the Lava Mermaids Basketball Academy. Programming and Coaching from some of the best basketball minds in the country. 

Heading up the Academy is Todd Warnick, current Head Coach of the NAIT Ooks WBB, and will be assisted by the most dedicated coaches around. 

LMBC National Teams

Building off the success of our current club team structure we will be introducing year-round National Teams. The main goal of these teams is to locate and play against the best competition in North America. Opportunities will be given to players within the club, who have held themselves accountable and have earned their spots. 

Costs will be determined on an ad-hoc basis when opportunities arise.

LMBC National Teams will be headed up by Sherwin Ward, Aphia Ward, Aliyah Johnson, Todd Warnick, Keaton Smith, Colton Smith, Andrew Reid, and Stephanee Slater. Team Coaching at it’s finest. 

Lava Mermaids Basketall Club Teams

The foundation of Lava Mermaids is our Club Teams, this is where we, as coaches, are able to develop players of every skill level. Players are expected to hold themselves accountable, when they do, they are able to grow exponentially on and off of the court. 

Ages groups available: U11, U13, U15, HS

Once high school basketball begins tryouts in mid-November, athletes playing school basketball will switch from team play to individual training. 

Club Teams will be overseen by Andrew Reid and Stephanee Slater (Female) and Keaton Smith (Male)

Little LAva Mermaids

Our youngest age group the Little Lava Mermaids, Kindergarten to grade 4, will give these little athletes the foundation to succeed in whatever path forward they choose. Athletes will focus on fundamental skills, learning the game and rules, and also how to be a part of a team, all while having fun!  

ITDAcademy Training

Train with international Skill Trainer Khurram Sultan of In The Dark Academy. Khurram spent many years alongside NBA skill trainer Micah Lancaster, founder of I’m Possible Training. Utilizing the Skill Enhancement Training systems developed by the I’m Possible Training team, Khurram exposes a player’s weakness and throughout the training, turns that weakness into a strength. 

All Girls Holiday Extravaganza

All Proceeds will be donated to the NAIT Ooks WBB Scholarship Fund and the Lava Mermaids Scholarship Fund. helping athletes find their dreams both on and off of the court. 

More details are to be released at a later date. 

Program FAQs

How long are the Seasons?
Fall/Winter season will run from Sept 1 – February 28, with a break over the holidays in December. 
High School Fall season will run from Sept 1  – Mid November with the option to extend training until Feb 28
Spring/Summer season will run from March 1 – July 31 with most of the month of August off, depending on opportunities for athletes. High School runs on the same timelines.
What do you get for the fees?
Being a non-profit society our focus is to provide the highest level of programming while keeping the costs as low as possible. 
Gym rentals take up the majority of the fees
Games which include Tournaments, Leagues and Exhibitions
Coach Honorarium as a thank you for their hundreds of Volunteer Hours
We pay for our Coach’s Education, NCCP, Clinics, etc. We want all of our coaches to have the highest level of education to give a better experience to the athletes. 
LMBC Legends shirts, Jersey/Short sets, Practice Jersey, Backpack are all part of the Gear Package every player receives. 
Admin and Equipment fees which keeps LMBC running, paying for balls, cones, website, club memberships, etc. 
Multiple Practices a week, between 2 and 4 depending on other club activities. 
And so much more! 
Is there fundraising available?
Yes there will be fundraising available, we are putting together a team to lead fundraising initiatives throughout the year. 
Our 50/50 raffle this Fall will be split between the winner (50%), the player (30%) and the club (20%)